Let’s talk time tracking and payroll. Why T Sheets may be a great investment!

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So, it’s payday again. Time to dig through the time sheets (I cringe when I think about the paper time cards or verifying the time entries each week).

When you have crews that spread out to do work at various clients, like landscapers, construction, pool maintenance and such, this is the time nightmares can be made of.

Sitting in your office, trying to figure out who is where doing what is bad enough on a day to day basis. When it’s payroll time, it can be even worse.

And what if the guys are saying they are doing a certain job, but you’re really not sure where they are. Or a new situation springs up, like a broken line in a client’s irrigation system, which employee is close enough to get over there right away?


Instead of calling around to find out where everyone is, or guessing who is where and when, it would be nice to have a system available that would track that.

There is such a system. It not only tracks who is where doing what, but can even send that data to QuickBooks for billing.

Your employees can clock in from a mobile phone using an app (it will even get their location by GPS when they are clocked in), but they can call in or text in to clock in or out.

Want to know who is where? There is a Who’s Working window that shows who is clocked in, and on what client job.

Have a foreman managing a crew? You can assign the employees to a crew, and the foreman can clock them all in at once.

There are times when we end up not getting the time data we need for billing. We go to create the invoice, and the time data for the job has not been turned in yet. Or, we can’t see the costs associated with a job and move personnel to other jobs, until it is too late.


With T Sheets, you have the time data for billing the second it is completed. You do not have to wait for the employees to bring it in; it is already in the system. This can dramatically cut the amount of time you get to spend crawling through the time data. And it links into QuickBooks for the billing.

In my short time working with T Sheets, I have been impressed with the presentations, support, and capabilities of this application and I would really recommend it to many businesses that we serve.

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