A neat little tweak in QuickBooks Enterprise 2015.

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There is a preference that many overlook. It was there in QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0, and it is there in the new 2015 version also. There is a personal preference to turn off the in product advertising pop-ups for Intuit goods and services.

For years we have fielded complaints about the continuous bombardment of advertising inside the Intuit products. You don’t need to be reminded that Intuit sells checks, every single time you click something.

While it is not a company preference, there is a personal preference that you can use to turn off some of these “Reminders”, so they do not continually interfere.

As you have seen from the advertisements around the Intuit products, the capability to turn off these internal pop-ups is not a major feature boost that is being put out there. But the preference is there if you want it.

Go to Edit, Preferences, General.

And on the My Preferences tab, check the box for Turn off pop-up messages for products and services.


This would have to be done on each workstation, but it may ease some of the advertising shell shock most of us have felt for years.