QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and Advanced Reporting, more information.

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As we had explained, the QuickBooks Enterprise 15 Full Service Plan includes the Advanced Reporting module.

This is in fact a separate module that is installed by selecting Advanced Re[porting under the Reports top menu.

When you first try to open it, you may receive a message. The installation and operation of Advanced Reporting requires the file to be in Multi-User Mode.

Once the installation is complete, it will advise that it is preparing the module, and depending on the data file size and computer resources, may take up to an hour to complete the update.

Once it opens you will be greeted by the starter screen. This has a list of pre-formatted reports that can be modified.


It will take some getting used to, and the formatting is a little difficult to get used to.

As an example, here is a Customer list report with transactions added.


My suggestion would be to experiment with the reporting. You can save any reports you create under a new name.

Updating data in the reports tends to be a slow process, so be prepared.