QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 – Coming very soon.

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Intuit will soon release the QuickBooks Pro 2015, QuickBooks Premier 2015, and QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 versions.

There have been some changes added to the programs.

They have added a new” Insights” tab on the home screen. While it has some possibilities, I was not extremely impressed. It seems like a cleaned up remake of the Company Snapshot feature.

There were some impressive changes. The Admin now has the capability of logging out the other users. They have simplified the capability of sending a Portable Company File. Estimates are now automatically closed when the Invoice is completed. And you can now do flagging of time and costs, reducing the chance of missing them.

The greatest changes have come with the Enterprise edition.

Some of these include the capability of blocking sales to customers with a past due balance, a new capability to not allow negative quantities. This is a good one that we have wanted for years. If you try to sell more than you have, it stops you!

There is a shortage report, for those using assemblies.


All of these features will be discussed in greater detail in later postings.