QuickBooks Point of Sale v11 and the Customer Center.

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 Let’s take a look at a section of the program that is often overlooked.

 The Customer Center.

 This area gives us some good information about whats happening with our customers.


  It includes information on the current customer trends, and also allows us to do customer related tasks, such as mailing letters, generating email campaigns, or exporting the list.


 If you have a Constant COntact login, you can enter that into the COmpanmy Preferences to link the lists you create to your account for email blast campaigns. Or print out the address labels for mailers.

 I know this has been in the software for a while, but one thing we know with a retail store. Your most effective sales and marketing is going to be toward your existing customers. They know you, and you already have a relationship with them. The idea behind the Customer Center is to make that relationship stronger.