A great change for QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise 14.0 Profit and Loss by Class report.

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Those businesses that had multiple locations had always been a bit hampered in the past. QuickBooks Point of Sale could send it’s sales data over broken down by class, but the QuickBooks Enterprise  and QuickBooks Pro or Premier software had a limitation.

On the Profit and Loss by class report, it would only display information for 9 locations. This was a problem for businesses that had 10 or more locations.

But I am happy to announce that this has been addressed and resolved in the new QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 and QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2014 versions.


Now, even with 20 locations, the Profit and Loss by Class report will display the information for all 20 locations.

I must say, this deserves a pat on the back for the Engineers in my opinion.