QuickBooks Enterprise 13 and Available To Promise.

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So what is Available to Promise?

Well, in simple terms, it is the amount of inventory that is available to sell or be placed on an order.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, and get all tangled up in terms, let’s put this in plain English.

We have a Quantity of items. Let’s call this Test Item. And we have a number of them in stock. Doesn’t that mean they are available for sale?  Yes and no. While we may have 20 on the shelf, some of those may have been “promised”, or placed on a sales order for another customer, or have been set aside to be used the building of assemblies.

What Available to Promise actually means is the quantity that can be sold, and has not already been placed on an order for someone else. It is also known as Available Quantity. It’s a term that is used commonly in the QuickBooks Point of Sale program, but is just really making it’s appearance in the Enterprise software.

As you open the Company Preferences for Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise, you will see a new set of selections there, these include  reducing the amount of available quantities for items already on a sales order, or to be used in assembly builds.


Opening the Inventory Center, and looking at an item, you will see that it now lists Quantity on Hand, and Available Quantity.


The advantage here is that, while we can see the full quantity on hand, we can now also see how many of an item is actually available for sale. So we are not over selling. The columns on the items are also customizable so that you can view additional information. How many are on a purchase order for example. These features give us a little better understanding of where the quantities actually are.