How do I turn off Intuit Data Protect with QuickBooks Enterprise 13?

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 If you do not want data protect messages, such as It looks like the secure credentials on your data protect account have expired, here’s how to stop it.

Intuit Data Protect installs with QuickBooks 2011 and newer.  There is no option in QuickBooks or in Control Panel to remove Intuit Data Protect.

  • You should not see the icon for Intuit Data Protect unless you have signed up and have an active service.
  • If you cancel your service and want to prevent Intuit Data Protect from loading:
  1. In the System Tray (by the clock), right-click the Intuit Data Protect icon, and choose Exit Intuit Data Protect.
  2. You may also need to remove Intuit Data Protect from your startup folder: Choose Start > All Programs > Startup (option names vary by Windows version), then right-click Intuit Data Protect, and delete it.