Process Credit Cards through a modem in Qb POS 2013? Not any more!

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In the past, when we had a client that could not have internet at their location, due to company restrictions or a lack of availability, they could use a modem to process the credit cards.

It was slower, but still worked fine. Even with multiple computers, only one was required to have the modem, and all of the others would send their data through it.

In QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013, that capability has been removed. Now, you must have an internet connection to use the Intuit Merchant Service.

I try to stay on the sidelines and view things with an open mind. But this is one move I think was a bad choice.

For some users, trying to utilize the Merchant Service through an existing network can raise serious issues due to the PCI compliance guidelines. A modem connection made perfect since, as it was processing outside their network connection directly to the Merchant Services servers.

This is one change I really cannot say I like, and something I feel needs to be reconsidered.