A new cordless Barcode scanner for QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale!

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A new cordless barcode scanner recently made its debut. It has the features that we like to see. I know we all dislike it when large items are brought up, and we try to wrestle with the corded barcode scanners. The cord is never long enough, or it magically tangles with everything in a an area the size of a football field.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a small, compact barcode scanner that was easy to work with and cordless? Something with a range of about 30 feet would be nice. Something affordable!

We recently started carrying a new, compact wireless barcode scanner made by Wasp. It has some great features, like an integrated Lithium ion battery, a USB charging cable, a carry strap, and it is very light weight and compact.

And…it will work with either QuickBooks Enterprise when using barcodes in advanced inventory, or QuickBooks Point of Sale. Best of all, it is less expensive than the wireless units we have carried in the past.

Check it out, give us a call, and see if this unit is going to be a great new tool for you!

Note: If your system is not Bluetooth enabled, you may need to purchase a small USB Bluetooth 4.0 adaptor, often called a Dongle, in order to use this device.