How to avoid issues when you print tags with QuickBooks Point of Sale v11.

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When you are dealing with tag printing in POS, there a few common issues that we see.

One very common issue happens when you scan the barcode in a sales screen, and you get a dropdown listing several items.

The common cause for this is a simple mistake.

If the item has a manufacturer’s barcode, you scan that into the UPC field, if the item does not have a UPC, leave the field BLANK. Usually what happens is that a tag is printed for the item, and then the tag is scanned into the UPC field. This causes confusion in the system.

Another common complaint is that the tags will not scan. This tends to be more common on the smaller tags called Intuit Small.

In some cases, this results from the printer not using a fine enough quality print, so the barcode edges are fuzzy and hard to distinguish for the scanner. In other cases, you get a better result from modifying the tag in the print designer, and reset the barcode from type 3 of 9, to type 2 of 5.

Jewelry tags can really give you fits. And the most common issue has to do with the alignment.

Some of the Jewelry tags have black bars on the back. These are actually designed to help with alignment, since the Zebra printer uses a small optical scan to tell where the spaces are between the tags.

Make sure, that if you have the black bars, you tell the software to use black bar alignment.  When it brings up the Print screen, there will be a button for More Options. Select this and there will be a check mark for Use Black Bar.

What if I print tags, a couple come out, then blank tags, then the printer light turns red?

That can often indicate that the driver is not installed, is corrupt, or Windows has attached the driver to the printer ( common in Windows 7).

Make sure the driver is installed. In Windows 7, go to Start, Devices and Printers. See if the Zebra is listed on the bottom of the page as an unspecified thermal printer. If it is, right click it and open the troubleshooter. Allow it to attach the driver, and test again.

By the way, you are better off downloading the latest drivers for the Zebra, direct from their website.

Last, but not least, make sure you are using tags that are designed for Intuit POS. Other tag sizes and styles will probably not work.