Can I scan a barcode and have the information download to my QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013?

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We get this question all the time.

If I scan a barcode into the program, is there a way to have it download all of the product information into my software.

The answer is no.

Now, the reason behind the answer.

A barcode, or UPC, is a number. It is an item number that the manufacturer has given an item.

The same item, coming from different suppliers, may have different barcode numbers. And when a barcode scanner reads that code, it is the same as going to your keyboard and typing the number in, just a lot faster.

In order to have an information download capability, all of the barcodes ever produced would have to be stored in a single online database. That would require every manufacturer to register with them, and upload all of their product information into that database.

Some products do not have a UPC code, which is why the software allows you to create your own and print the tags.

I hope this has helped to explain why auto-downloading the product information is not available at this time.