Auto-create Purchase Orders in Enterprise 13.0.

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QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 has included a capability to Auto-Create Purchase orders for items that have gone below their reorder points, but it is not located where you might expect it.

Logic would indicate that the Auto-Create PO would be an option on the reminders screen. That is where it is located in QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013. So we would expect the QuickBooks Enterprise version to follow the same path.

It doesn’t. While the reminders will indicate items below their reorder point, you must run one of 4 reports to have the capability to auto-create the Purchase Order.

A quick note here, in the early releases of the QuickBooks Enterprise, the auto-create screen did not tell you, or take into account, items that had already been placed on a Purchase Order. Since the R4 update, when you choose to Auto-Create the PO, it now displays a column indicating the number of that item that are located on existing Purchase Orders.

So, how do we auto-create the Purchase Orders? First, we have to run one of 4 reports. They are:

  • Inventory Stock Status by Item
  • Inventory Stock Status by Vendor
  • Inventory Stock Status by Site
  • Inventory Reorder Report by Vendor (found in the Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition).

Once we run any of these reports, we will get the option to Create Auto-PO.