QuickBooks Point of Sale V 11 (2013) R3 update is live.

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 Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, Quicken, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Enterprise and TurboTax, has just made the Update R3 to the QuickBooks Point of Sale v11 (2013) live.

 You Should receive the update automatically. Or you can manually download it from the Intuit support pages.

 This is what they indicate it changes:

Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Resolved an issue where using more than 11 digits in the PO # field would not save the PO
  • Resolved an issue where editing receipts would incorrectly trigger a time stamp change
  • Resolved issue when generating Purchase Orders using a specific option could result in wrong quantity being suggested
  • Resolved issue selling multiple quantities of a group item and using price level discounts
  • Resolved an issue with ALUs being copied over incorrectly to Purchase Orders under certain circumstances
  • Resolved an issue where under certain circumstances scanning a UPC on the main screen would bring up the incorrect item
  • Resolved issue where sales tax could still be charged when the option to collect sales tax was unchecked
User Interface and Navigation
  • Resolved issue where sizing of POS window could impact how many items were available for selection when using Quick Picks
  • Minor usability fixes when navigating in the Customize Buttons window
  • Resolved an issue with selecting department names after entering a partial name
  • Resolved an issue where filtering on special characters were not returning expected results
  • Resolved an issue where up and down arrow buttons would become unusable when sorting in the ‘Customize Buttons’ window
  • Increased ease of use when removing discounts from receipts
  • ‘Sales History’ button now available to be designed onto Receipts screen
  • Previously available options when viewing Customer Orders from ‘I Want To’ menu have been restored
  • Sticky notes now display messages properly when switching between view types
  • Resolved issue where upgrading gift card accounts at Remote stores could set account to ‘off’ incorrectly
  • Resolved possible issues with how credit and debit tenders may appear on receipts
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect message may appear using iPP350 PIN pad
  • Formatting has been corrected in debit payments window
  • Resolved issue where voice authorization messages were appearing incorrectly when closing POS
  • Voice Authorization phone numbers now display correctly after upgrading
  • Merchant Number now appears correctly in Voice Authorization Dialog
Mobile Sync
  • Resolved issue with refresh time display in mobile sync window when using the 24 hour sync frequency
  • Resolved a problem where changing tax code name could result in taxable status change when syncing with Go Payment
  • Home screen now available after selecting ‘Mobile’ check box in item list
  • ‘Sync to mobile’ field now more readily visible in Free and Basic levels of POS
Financial Exchange
  • Credit transactions sent via Financial Exchange will now be separated by date header when viewing payments to deposit in QuickBooks
  • Resolved issue where alternate vendor details were not being sent correctly to QuickBooks
Reports and Printing
  • Resolved issue where Inventory valuation report would sometimes not run correctly after modifying date range
  • Reprint options now available in customer history
  • Physical inventory reports display correctly after adjustments are made
  • Clarified messaging when printing tags from vouchers
  • Resolved issue with entering dollar discounts when logged in under the Associate level security
  • Resolved issue with Company Operations being available when logged in under the Associate level security
  • Performance improvement with larger lists
  • Resolved error when clicking ‘Visit Now’ button in setup interview under certain circumstances
  • Last received column will now display the last received date correctly
  • Resolved issue where items were not able to be deleted at a client workstation