How do I customize the columns on an assembly in QB POS V11?

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The new screens can be a bit confusing, and you can seem very limited in what you can do. QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 (2013) does not look like the older versions, and in some cases, we can make an assumption that an old customization is no longer available.

Sometimes, when we are building assemblies, we want to see more information, like an item description. But the screens do not allow us to customize the columns.


Well, there is a way around that.

Instead of editing the item, go to Reports, Items, and run the Items List report.

Now, double-click the Assembly item.


  This brings up a different editing screen.

Click on Edit/Add Items in Assembly.


This brings up the items in a screen.

Right Click the word Item Name.


Now,  left click on Customize Columns.


You can now add the Item Description column.

One Final note, the customization cannot be saved. The save button will grey out and become inactive.