Adding Multiple Items in QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0.

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In the past, importing lists of items into QuickBooks Enterprise meant creating an IIF file. It could be cumbersome, painful, error filled, and you felt like you were starring in a Greek Tragedy.

Here is something to make your life easier.

QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 has a feature called Add/Edit Multiple List Entries. This is a screen that allows you to cut and past items and other information directly from an Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the list.

This really speed the entry and makes it so much easier since you do not have to try to create a file with a specific format.

You can access the window by going to Lists, and and selecting Add/Edit Multiple List Entries.

That will open the following screen:


As you can see, this is a much easier interface, and removes some of the major Import headaches.