QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 New Business Checklist!

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There have been many features added to QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0, and we will cover them as time goes on. One feature I wanted look at quickly is the New Business Checklist.

Under the Help menu of the program, you will find a listing for the New Business Checklist.

Anyone that has thought about opening a business knows that there can be quite a few pitfalls along the way.

The idea behind the checklist is to give you a rough outline of those things you should be looking at as you try to get the business underway.


It has checkboxes that can be marked off and saved as you go through the process, and the items can be clicked on to get a better explanation of what is being discussed.

As always, we suggest you contact a CPA or Accountant in your area for more guidance, but this checklist allows you to track how you are proceeding to make sure you have not missed any steps.