QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 and the Apps Center.

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QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise have been the accounting backbone for a large number of small businesses for many years.

As with any piece of software, you cannot possibly add all of the features that fit every business. Even after years of development, there will still be gaps.

Welcome to the App Center. Third party companies have worked with Intuit through the Intuit Developers Network, to design applications that link into the QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise software to expand the capabilities and features.

In some cases, the applications may be free. Others require payment. You would need to research the costs and features of each, but the App Center does have them categorized so that you can find the application type you are looking for quickly.

To access the App Center, Click on Help, and there is a listing for the App Center.

This will launch the App Center in a new window,( it does require an active internet connection), and you will be greeted with a very user friendly screen with the categories and an indication of the number of applications available.