Windows 7 and WinXP, sometimes they don’t play nice with QB POS.

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We ran across something odd recently. QuickBooks Point of Sale V 10 Pro was on a Win 7 system. The clients were WIN XP.

While the WIN 7 server, or workstation 1, could access the data file just fine, and the networking looked correct, the clients systems could not access the data.

This oddity occurred because the data folder for the company file had been renamed. We made a backup of the data, created a new file and restored the backup.

Instantly the client systems were able to see the data and successfully connect to it, even though there had been no changes made to the network, file sharing or firewall.

At this point, I am unsure as to the cause behind this. Someone much smarter in Windows 7 may know right away, but I thought this information worth noting.

This may be an additional troubleshooting step you can take when the clients will not see the data, but everything else checks out.