Cannot Open QuickBooks, QuickBooks is closed- when trying to connect POS v 10.

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When you attempt to set up the financial exchange between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale v 10, you may encounter the following message:

Cannot Open QuickBooks, QuickBooks is closed


The most common cause for this error is a broken Administrator account in Windows.

First, exit both programs.

Next, go to Start, Control Panel and selectr User Accounts.

Create a new user called Test as an Administrator.

Log out of Windows, and log back in under the Test user name.

Open both QuickBooks into it’s company file, and Point of Sale.

In Point of Sale go to the top menu and choose Financial, then Financial Center.

On the left there will be a button to Set Up the QuickBooks Connection.

The connection Wizard should now link to the open QuickBooks file.