Age Verification, can you afford not to have it?

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If you have a store that handles beer, wine liquor, tobacco, or products that can be used to make Meth Amphetamines, you should really consider instituting an Age Verification system.

Age Verification systems allow you to scan a persons ID or drivers license to verify that they are of age to purchase the product. They record the scans so that you can present the evidence to the licensing agencies to show that you are in compliance.

There are even portable units that can be used at the door to check ID’s of people entering a bar or club.

Even a Feed Store that sells MSM or Iodine may need to think about instituting an Age Verification system.

Recently, we partnered with Legal Age ID Systems. They provide a variety of options from a Windows based application to portable hand held units. As an ID is scanned, it matches it to a database for 50 states and some Canadian provinces.

If you need Age Verification, or think you do, call us and we can help!