Have you really thought about how you pay the employees?

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QuickBooks Point of Sale and Intuit Payroll Services. These are two things most of us don’t consider to be joined.  But the fact is, they can be.

Usually, as the business is started, we setup payroll through our accountant or bookkeeper, possibly even through another company, and we just worry about the employee hours. We sit down, cut their checks, and go through the fun of filling out the tax reports and forms needed to do our filings.

But are we spending a lot of time on busy work?

Let’s look at something.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro can track employee hours. The employees can clock in and out right at the register. That time data can be transmitted to QuickBooks when we run the End of Day, and the time sheets automatically filled out. So we have eliminated a time clock, manual sheets, and having to enter their hours.

Now, lets take it a step further. Let’s say that a specialist sets up the payroll, and all we had to do was transmit their hours.

What if the Intuit Payroll Service could cut the checks, do the direct deposit, and even fill out the required reports and file the taxes.

We have just eliminated a huge amount of time we normally spend on the payroll, time that can be used for other things. And what if there was a miss-calculation on the taxes? Well, the Intuit Payroll Service gets to fight that battle, and pay any fines or penalties.

Perhaps it is time to get with a payroll specialist, and see if the payroll system you are using is the best one for your business. After all, it doesn’t hurt to look.  You may find that a better solution is just a phone call away.