QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions v.12 – Some of the Enhancements & New Items

This will be an overview of the different enhancements and new functionality of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions v.12. Some of these are much anticipated changes.

Inventory Center:

To access the Inventory Center, first turn on the Preference for Items & Inventory. The a new menu selection will appear on the top menu bar.


With the Inventory Center open:

  • Easily locate inventory tasks with access to the inventory items and reports
  • Can add notes about items
  • Can add an image of the item for quick reference

Track by Serial Number or Lot Tracking Numbers:

  • Can only use one or the other, cannot track both Serial Numbers and Tracking Numbers
  • Only available with Advanced Inventory
    • Enter the number at the time of purchase
    • Recall Report tracking
    • Defective lots in assemblies/sub-assemblies
    • Stock on shelves

Customer purchase

FIFO Costing:

  • Only available with Advanced Inventory
  • Switch between FIFO and Average Cost
  • To switch
    • Edit > Preferences > Items & Inventory > Company tab > Advanced Inventory
    • Select Use FIFO starting on > choose a date

Note: You can start tracking FIFO on any date. If you later decide to turn off FIFO, click to clear the Use FIFO starting on checkbox, and QuickBooks will calculate inventory value using the Average Cost method.

Lead Center:

  • Locate the Lead Center under the Company or Customer menu
  • Track and follow up on sales leads
  • Import existing leads
  • Can change a lead to a customer and bring in the contact information to the Customer Center in one click

Calendar View:

  • Locate the Calendar under the Company menu
  • See the invoices, billings, past transactions and other important tasks coming due
  • To Do list improvements capture relevant information