Mobile Payment Solutions-cell phone credit card processing comes into it’s own.

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Recently, we had our veterinarian out for one of our horses. Most of the time I can take care of their needs, but this was a pretty unique situation.

As we went to pay him, and handed him our credit card, he pulled out a wireless credit card processing unit almost the size of a shoe box. I was stunned. I proceeded to show him the GoPayment solution from Intuit ( the makers of Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, QuickBooks Point of Sale, Free POS, and other accounting and business software). The fact that he would have been able to process through his I phone was astounding to him. He was a little upset that he had been locked into a 2 year contract with his bank, and now has to carry around this large, clunky wireless processor.

In the past year we have really seen the mobile payment systems coming into their own. With processing solutions coming from several vendors, we have spent a bit of time evaluating them. We are a partner with Intuit, but that is NOT the reason we chose to recommend the GoPayment solution. It is simply the best offer around.

VeriFone, and others offer similar solutions, but their monthly fees tend to be quite high. They are good, reputable companies, and have a solid customer base. But when you can get the same capabilities to the table, pay lower or no monthly fees, and not be charged additionally if you go over some set number of transactions, then maybe you should take a good hard look.

GoPayment has a plan with:

No Monthly Fees

No Setup Fees

No Contract

No Cancellation Fees

The closest competitor is Square. Square states that they do not run a credit check. What they do not tell you is that they go onto the web, and pull down everything about you they can get their hands on. They also don’t like to mention that, if you go over $1000.00 in transactions in a month, they can delay putting the funds into your account for quite some time.

The card readers that are provided free to customers that sign up are similar in appearance ( GoPayment is a half-moon, Square is a square…go figure), but they differ on what they do. The reader from GoPayment, encrypts the card info when it is swiped. The reader from Square does not. As was pointed out by the CEO of VeriFone in a recent announcement, Square has no control over the readers once they are sent out. It is entirely possible to build an application that looks like Square, but collects credit card data instead of actually processing it. Since the reader from Square does not encrypt the data, they can have all of your credit card info in a single swipe.

The reader used with GoPayment does encrypt the data. It is designed to work with GoPayment, and is pretty useless to anyone that would choose to steal it. If you do not have the correct coding, the reader just does not work.

We are seeing GoPayment transform even the most everyday business transactions. From Girl Scouts selling cookies, to Little League concession stands, it is opening up a new realm where the customer has a choice in payment methods, and sales are being captured that would otherwise be missed.

Intuit has even created the application, which allows financial tracking of your day to day expenses right through your smart phone.

Truly, we are seeing the future of business emerging. The need to be tied to a single location is going away. Invoicing customers and waiting for payments is becoming a thing of the past. With each day, the capability of a business person to do their job, process an order or payment, and track their expenses is growing. And those that do not take advantage of it are being left behind. What will tomorrow bring? Just wait and see.