Why do I need GoPayment with the free credit card reader, I already have a credit card processor?

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IntuitThis is a very common question we get, Why do I need a GoPayment account?

Well, ask yourself this. What happens if something goes wrong with my regular merchant account?

I have seen it happen all too frequently. One example really comes to mind.

Last year, there was some road construction going on near a large shopping mall here in Tucson. While the construction was going on, the phone lines were accidently torn up. This is not the store or mall owners fault, it is just one of those things that happens.

For over two weeks, the store in the mall were unable to process credit cards, except that they could call into their merchant service for voice authorizations. This was slow, tedious, and as we all know, they cost more. Many customers just refused to shop in the stores, because they did not want to wait.

Now, imagine this happened in your store!

If you had a GoPayment plan, you could attach the free card reader to your cell phone, and process the cards right then and there. And with GoPayment, if you were to purchase a couple of additional swipes, you could have several employees processing at the same time. No long lines, shorter waits for check out, no missed sales because the customers did not have cash, all of the payments going to your bank account, and if you use QuickBooks, you could download the payments right into the software!

There are a couple of plans available to choose from. One even has NO MONTHLY FEES! You are charged the processing fees, and only when the cards are processed.

Now, ask yourself, Do I need GoPayment? I think the answer is Yes! Even if it is just as a backup, the capability to continue processing credit cards when the regular system goes down is well worth it!

Now, ask yourself the hard question, Can I afford NOT to have GoPayment?