A free credit card reader for your cell phone! GoPayment!

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Ok, so I have talked a bit about Intuit GoPayment, which allows you to process cerdit cards through your cell phone. And I have mentioned that you can sign up for a plan with:

  1. No Monthly Fee
  2. No Setup Fee
  3. No Cancellation Fee
  4. No contracts
  5. Works with a large variety of phones, and more are being added all the time.

But there is something I did not mention. You get a free Credit Card Reader when you sign up and are accepted!

That’s right, You get a credit card swipe that connects to your phone for free. The swipe is compact, and plugs into the earphone jack. This allows you to get the best possible rate when processing.

The rates are excellent, and if you are on the Low Volume Plan, you are only charged the processing fees when you process cards.

Give us a call, and let us get you the information on the program.


Free credit card reader.