The Feed Store installation of Free POS.

If you have questions about the software, please call us at 800-609-0788.

I arrived on Saturday, ready to begin the installation. Amado Feed and Pet Supply was still taking in inventory from a delivery that morning. I met with the owner, John, and the manager, Frank, and we set about installing the program.

The installation progressed nicely, with one minor issue. They had also purchased a hardware bundle, and we needed a driver for the Citizen CTS 310 Receipt Printer. The store did not have an active internet connection, but we had already downloaded the driver from the Intuit website, and were able to install it rapidly. The barcode scanner, Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer all configured quickly, tested successfully, and I started the installation of the Feed Store file I had created.



Once the backup was restored, we were able to quickly enter the store information, sales tax rate, and some pricing. What surprised both John and Frank, was that I had already entered many commonly sold items, along with their UPC codes, and all they had to do was enter the pricing.

Within 10 minutes of the system going active, we rang the first sale. Everything was going well. I was able to assist them in some of the minor preference settings that increase the efficiency of the sales process, and rapidly train them on the day to day functions.

I will be checking back with them in a few days to see how things are progressing. But all was working , and John and Frank were both quite happy and comfortable, not only with the program capabilities, but with the fact that many items are already in the system. This gave them the opportunity to begin using the software instantly, as opposed to spending a few days typing in the inventory.

There are variations on what Feed stores sell across the country. John and Frank were given a quick lesson on entering inventory that is not in the system. The Free POS interface is so easy, they were both able to quickly learn all processes needed. I will continue to kleep everyone informed as to the progress of the store.