QuickBooks Cash Register Plus vs. FREE QuickBooks POS

FREE QuickBooks POS Replaces Cash Register Plus

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This year Intuit replaced the QuickBooks Cash Register Plus program with FREE QuickBooks POS.  This is a big plus for the POS community! Cash Register Plus was a stand-alone software program that did not interact with andy of the QuickBooks financial programs and it was extremely limited in it’s capabilities.

It’s replacement, FREE QuickBooks POS is a full Point of Sale program that supports multiple registers and will link to QuickBooks financial software for your accounting needs.  It has all the capabilities QuickBooks of Cash Register Plus and a lot more.  The fact that this program is completely FREE is a big bonus for anyone.  Yes, I said completely FREE.  There is no limit as to how many items, customers or vendors you can enter.  There is no time limitation where it’s going to lock you out after 30 days.  It is FREE with no strings attached.  People have asked What’s the catch?.  There isn’t one.  It’s hoped that you will like it enough that you will want to take advantage of the more advanced features of the program and unlock it to a higher level.  That, of course, you would have to pay for.  If the FREE QuickBooks POS does everything you need, then this is your answer.  How often do you see a company put out a new, upgraded product like this and give it away free of charge?  How can you go wrong?  Try it today absolutely FREE!

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Download FREE QuickBooks POS here or call us at (800) 609-0788 for details.