New problems with QuickBooks POS 10 r5 patch. (Fixed in r6)

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While the r5 patch fixed a lot of issues it appears to have created at least one that wasn’t there before. If you add a service item to a sales receipt, you cannot change the price or many other things about that item.  You can’t even remove it from the sales receipt. Other item types appear to be unaffected by the r5 patch.  Everything else we’ve tested so far looks good.

Considering all the things the r5 patch did I’d still say that it is still a big improvement and worth installing.  Of course, if your business is predominately service related and you frequently discount the price at the time of sale then you may want to think twice about installing this update.  Earlier I had posted the list of things included in this update and believe me, there was quite a list.  There is not likely to be another update now until after the holiday season.  The next update will probably be out in the January/February time frame.

As new information becomes available we will keep you informed here.  Bookmark this site and come back often for the latest information as well as tips for using QuickBooks POS.

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