QuickBooks POS 10.0 R5 update is LIVE!

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The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 in releases R5. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes introduced in the earlier releases.

Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of QuickBooks Point of Sale software – Point of Sale Basic and Point of Sale Pro.

Release R5

Sales Receipts and Receiving Vouchers
  • Item columns and details on receipts and vouchers can now be customized.
  • New keyboard shortcuts added to receipts and vouchers (F5 edit item, F6 edit qty/price/discount, F7 edit Unit of Measure, F12 use default payment).
  • Receipt and voucher date can now be changed from the I Want To menu.
  • When scanning item that is not in inventory, a notification dialog appears.
  • Preference added to File > Company Preferences > Sales to hide Sell Misc Item button on receipt screen.
  • If the price level or tax location of a receipt is changed, the selected value displayed on receipt.
  • Resolved an issue where scanning a UPC/ALU/Serial Number would close the dialog.
  • Held receipts and vouchers can now be printed.
  • Clicking on a receipt or voucher note now brings up the note edit dialog.
  • Resolved an issue where adding a style could cause an exception error.
  • Resolved an issue when the incorrect shipping date could be calculated.
  • For QBPOS Merchant Service, resolved an issue where Wells Fargo cards swiped using a Cherry keyboard card reader could be declined incorrectly.
  • Improved the message appearing when trying to add a credit card payment beyond the maximum of three per receipt.
  • For QBPOS Gift Card Service, resolved an issue where a gift card transaction was shown as editable.
  • For QBPOS Gift Card Service, resolved an issue where checking the card balance didn’t work when using an Ingenico 2100 PIN pad.
  • Lists
  • The Item Description field was enlarged.
  • The default list filter for sales history is now 30 days.
  • Item and customer list filters can be customized.
  • Save & New and Save & Edit buttons added.
  • Required fields are now indicated.
  • List values now display Yes/No instead of True/False.
  • Vendor search now excludes inactive vendors.
  • Customer shipping address now displays correctly.
  • Reports
  • Resolved an issue where reports could incorrectly indicate the ability to drill down into results.
  • Dashboard reports update less frequently to improve system performance.
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Resolved an issue where vendor street addresses could be incorrectly put in Street 2 instead of Street 1.
  • Resolved an issue where an unbalanced payment error could result when using a customer reward and a gift card on the same receipt.
  • Other
  • Cost is blanked out correctly if the current user doesn’t have rights to see it.
  • Resolved an issue where a RPC error would appear upon startup.
  • Ship To and Bill To field titles added to Purchase Orders.
  • Reminder notes are now updated correctly after clearing reminders.
  • Resolved an issue where scheduled backups would not occur.
  • Resolved an issue where an exception error could occur after changing preferences.
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