Free QuickBooks POS and Group or Assembly Items.

Free QuickBooks POS and Group or Assembly Items.

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In previous versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, you had the capability of creating Assembly Items or Group Items. These are items that are created by attaching items and services under the Assembly or Group. The difference comes when we print the receipt.

An Assembly will only show the one Assembly item when the receipt is printed. A Group item, will print every item that makes up the group ( these are commonly used for items like computer systems, where you would want to list the components that make up the item).

In the Free QuickBooks POS, both Assembly and Group items are available in the drop down, but you cannot edit this to add the other items that make up the Assembly or Group.

When the 60 day free Pro Version trial is activated, and an Assembly or Group item is created, a button appears after the item has been saved. The button is named Assembly for Assembly items, and Group for Group items.  Selecting this button allows you to add the items and quantites that make up the Group or Assembly.

But this button is not present in the Free QuickBooks POS.   So while you can create Assembly or Group Items, you cannot edit the Assembly or Group to add the items associated with it, and have them automatically included in the sale or on the reciept.

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