What if I don’t like the QuickBooks POS Pro and want to go back to the Free POS?

It is an interesting question.

In the past, upgrading your copy of Quicken, QuickBooks, Enterprise, or Point of Sale was a two edged sword. You would upgrade, and if you did not want the software, Intuit would refund your money, but to go back to the previous version, you had to restore a backup from before the upgrade.  You would either have to sacrifice your sales that were made since conversion. or print them out, restore the backup and hand enter them.

Now, there is a handy way to go back to the Free POS.


Once you have selected to start the trial, it begins a 60 day count down. As you open the program it will ask if you want to register, or roll back to the Free POS.


Selecting the Roll back to Free will reset the Free POS to remove the Point of Sale Pro features, and you can continue to use the Free Version. No restoring of backups, no reentering the past transactions. This is a well thought out move on Intuits part.

We will continue to review the Free POS and post what we find.

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