IPhone credit card swipe- credit card reader for iphone

Accept credit cards with cell phone!! Get $50 off the equipment – contact us for details!


Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax, has a new merchant service that allows users to accept credit cards with your cell phone! Get paid on the spot from your mobile phone. Here is what they say about it:

* Anytime, anywhere mobile phone payment processing
* Perfect for field workers, trades, and more –
Recommended for doing business away from the office

A few weeks ago, I went to the Intuit Solution Provider summit that was hosted in Los Angeles this year. As a part of the promotion, we received an IPhone credit card swipe. A couple of days ago it arrived at our office. I was hesitant about it to begin with. Once I opened the box, I changed my mind.

This was a hard case for the IPhone 3G and 3GS with a Credit Card Reader built right in to it! This device is pretty slick. It goes on the iPhone as a phone case and has the integrated Credit Card Reader on the bottom. I really like the innovative, lightweight design that really streamlined with a soft-touch finish. Now with the Intuit GoPayment service I can process credit cards right at the clients site. No more suffering with the pain of declined transactions – I can see those right on site! I was expecting to see something outrageous when I looked at the credit card processing rates, but was pleasantly surprised. 1.7% on swiped transactions is very reasonable for such a service. Did I mention the ability to email customer receipts at the time of sale? On a top of that, there is no contract, no cancellation fees, no yearly fees, etc. Does it get any better?


There are a variety of mobile credit card readers designed to work with different cell phones though Intuit merchant services. Tomorrow we are participating in a conference call with several Intuit managers to get more information. Feel free to call us and ask about Intuit GoPayment (mobile merchant service) solution. We will provide you information on the options you have and also will connect you with one of the best Intuit Merchant Accounts Specialists to take care of you.

Yes, we can do it too! Intuit has a small team of 6 great experts that work with our channel clients. We have a well earned reputation of putting customers with the right people the first time! Gary is one we’ve been working with very closely. He has that personal touch that is hard to find these days.


  • Fast & Easy way to process Credit Cards

    • Get paid on the spot.
    • Process any major credit card.
    • No need to purchase additional equipment.
    • Get authorization in seconds – no need to write down payment information or call into your back office
    • E-mail or text message clients electronic receipts directly from your phone.
    • Access our free Merchant Service Center 24/7/365 to view all your transactions and manage GoPayment users.
    • Add as many employees as you need to a single GoPayment account by simply providing them a user ID and a GoPayment supported mobile phone.
    • Just key in card information directly into your phone or swipe cards with an optional secure Bluetooth card reader.
    • Save time and increase bookkeeping accuracy by downloading GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks financial software.
  • Protected

    • Credit card information is not stored in your phone – it’s like using a credit card terminal.
    • Customers gain peace of mind because their cards never leave their sight.
    • Use the optional Bluetooth card reader to ensure accurate data entry.
    • Increase customer trust by safely transmitting customer payment information with GoPayment technology.
  • Professional & Proven

    • Put the Intuit brand to work for you.
    • Over 4 million businesses currently use Intuit solutions.
    • Over 220,000 merchants use our credit card processing services.
    • Intuit processes over 116 million transactions per year.

How it works:

  1. From your mobile phone, log into GoPayment and select Charge from the main menu.
  2. Enter the amount to be charged and then key enter or swipe your customer’s credit card information into your mobile phone. Click Charge to process the transaction.
  3. In seconds, you will receive electronic confirmation on your mobile phone with an option to e-mail or text message the receipt to your customer. All transaction information and GoPayment user management is available online from the Merchant Service Center from any computer, anytime.

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