Intuit Discontinuing QuickBooks 2016 products.

Intuit Discontinuing QuickBooks 2016 products.

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Intuit has announced the discontinuation of support and services for the 2016 year products.

Anyone currently using QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2016, or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version 16, will need to upgrade to continue using Payroll, Online Banking, and other services.

If you are currently using a 2016 or version 16 product and wish to upgrade, please contact us for options and pricing on the 2019 products. Older versions, such as 2017 and 2018 will not be sold.

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 16, and have a valid subscription, please contact QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Support for assistance in obtaining the latest version.

Please make sure your products are up to date before May 31, 2019.