How can I rename Quick Pick Groups in QB POS v 12?

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Some of you may have noticed that an update caused an issue with creating new Quick Pick Groups and assigning them a name.

While waiting for a resolution, here is a work around that will allow you to rename the group once it is created.

  1. Create the new Group. It will appear with the name New Group.
  2. Open Notepad. In notepad, type in the new name for the Group.
  3. Highlight the new name in Notepad, right click and choose Copy.
  4. In POS, Right Click the “New Group” and choose Rename Group.
  5. Right Click the highlighted group name, choose Paste, then hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

You can now Right click the Group and change the color if you wish. To get the color to stay, open the Group and add an item. Once the item is selected, click on it so that it adds to the open receipt.

Doing this appears to solidify the changes.

This is a work around until such time as the Quick Pick items are fixed in the normal updates.