The Affordable Care Act and T Sheets, These folks just keep the good stuff coming!

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So we are now in the reality of the Affordable Care Act ( also known as ACA, or Obama-care). And there is a lot that goes with the compliance.

Now, before the nervous breakdown, there are several things that have recently come out to help, and a couple of those are coming from the good people at T Sheets.

With no real fanfare, they have given access to an ACA calculator, and even more impressive, an add-on.

It seems as though every time I turn around, they are coming up with another great add-on. This one creates ACA compliance reporting. It will send the report data to a csv file.

While I impatiently wait for the Pebble Watch integration ( Hint Hint guys), I have been using the shift reminder notifications, scheduler, and shift emails to keep me from forgetting my punches.

Now, with an ACA compliance tools report, and access to the ACA calculator, and the great info that is available through their articles, the whole ACA compliance is not a pea-soup fog that you have to crawl through.

Does their information fill in every gap and answer every question?

Of course not.

But it certainly gives you the information to head in the right direction, and ask the pertinent questions for getting the right answers and avoiding problems.

If you have full or part time employees, salaried employees, or contractors, do yourself a favor and check out T Sheets. The time they can save you, and the tracking abilities are well worth looking in to.

And remember, T Sheets will integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions.

Check out T Sheets, just click the icon.