T Sheets has some new stuff!

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Like most people, I am a bit resistant to change. There are some new things I like to try. But in many cases, I prefer to let someone else be the Guinea Pig, and I will wait until the kinks have been worked out  before I jump in.

One thing I will try are new features from T Sheets Time Tracking.

These guys ( and Gals) are always working to make improvements. And the really odd thing is, they really ARE improvements. They make working with the application easier, faster, and better every time I turn around.

I had spoken in the past about trying out the reminders, which are coming into my Pebble Watch like clockwork ( Yes, it’s a bad pun, but I like it).

Now, they have added even more:


Employee Invitations

Now onboarding a new employee is as simple as sending an email! Your new employee will be prompted to set their own username and password, and shown a welcome video the first time they log in to TSheets. They’ll also receive an email welcoming them to the #1 employee time tracking system on the planet.

Automatic Breaks

Formerly known as the #1 requested feature on our product ideas page! If your employees take consistent breaks each day, you’ll love the Automatic Breaks feature. Now you can automatically deduct a predefined break period from employees’ daily timesheet; no need for employees to remember to clock in or out!


Improved Custom Fields

Clocking in and switching job codes just got faster and easier for clients that use custom fields. TSheets will now remember your previous timesheet selections on the web dashboard — a lifesaver if you have a long list of custom fields!


Mobile PTO

Employees can now create and submit Paid Time Off (PTO) directly from the TSheets mobile app! PTO can be entered through the Add Timesheet tab with just a touch.

Improved Scheduling

We’re pleased to introduce a few improvements to the Schedule Add-On! Now employees can add their TSheets schedule to their favorite calendar app, including mobile! Any calendar app that supports iCal (.ics) subscriptions will work, including Apple Mac/iOS calendars, Google Calendar, Outlook, and many more! We also improved calendar reminders to include the customer/job code and any notes the manager has entered. No more excuses for not knowing what to do next!


Unlimited Job Codes

Have a lot of job codes? No problem! TSheets now supports an unlimited number of job codes (1,500 codes was the previous limit). To find a job code, just click on a top-level folder to see all codes associated with it, or search for job codes in the new search box!

Featured Integrations

TSheets now integrates with more apps that help you improve productivity! Activehours adds new incentives by allowing employees to instantly cash in on the hours they’ve worked. Results takes businesses beyond CRM through automated processes and improved project management. Flint is the fastest way for you and your team members to get paid with a credit card when using TSheets — no card reader required!

 There is always the standard things to remember, like the QuickBooks Integration, and the great capabilities to track time, GPS, crews, Job Codes and other things that come standard.

And remember, going through us, you get a discount!

So, click on the icon or the link to check out why I am an enthusiastic supporter.