New in QuickBooks 2016 and Enterprise 16- Filter for Custom Fields in Item Reports.

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There has long been a capability to add custom fields to various things, including items.

And while the custom field was offered as a filter, it didn’t really work on item reports.

That has been changed in the new QuickBooks 2016 and Enterprise 16. The capability to filter the item reports by using the custom fields has been added.

Now, some will complain that this was a long time coming. Before we go down that path, let me point something out.

QuickBooks is an amazingly complicated program. Getting the code to work right in a particular area, while not breaking something else is a monumental feat.

So let’s give credit where it is due on this one.

This is a capability that should help those who use the custom fields on inventory and other items make sense of the item reports in short order.

And to the Intuit engineers, Thanks.