T Sheets Reminders, How is it going?

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When I had last talked about T Sheets, I had discussed how I was going to try their reminders add-on.

I installed it, set it up and began using it for the start of shift and the end of shift.

Those who know me are aware that on any given day I can so many things going on that if breathing was not automatic I would forget.  I feel like the alarm clock rang in the morning and I was already 4 hours behind.

I thought that the reminders might be able to make some small difference. Well, it actually made a  HUGE difference.

Because the reminders were coming in, and the notifications for the emails were posting on my Pebble watch, I have not missed a start or clock-out on a single shift!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is room for improvement (there always is), and some things I would like to see, (Like a Pebble Watch integration ( hint hint guys).

But for a Beta add-on, this is really heading the right way. I cannot wait to see what the folks at T Sheets bring out next.

 And remember, you can always link the T Sheets time data to QuickBooks for billing and payroll.

Just click the T Sheets image below to see how it can change the way you track your employees time:


Or follow this link: www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal