T-Sheets just keeps on improving.

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I have spoken in the past about T-Sheets time tracking software. It’s great capabilities for performing REAL time tracking for the employees.

It’s ability to link with QuickBooks. How additional add-ons can increase the capabilities, like GPS tracking and scheduling, and to-do lists.

And it seems like every time I turn around they are adding more.

Now, you have reminder notifications for clock in and out.

There is a limited form of notifications that are in the preferences, but there is also a scheduling add-on in works where you can set a persons schedule for WEEKS.

It is a reminder, and even if you set them for a particular job code ( Office perhaps), when they clock in, they can override it if needed ( tradeshow, training, client, jobsite, etc.).

I will be testing this feature and will see how it works.

You should check out T-Sheets yourselves. It could save you a fortune in time alone!

Just click the emblem, or go to our personal linkage port : www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal. Remember, when you sign up through a T-Sheets Pro, you may be eligible for discounts.