Still Not Using T Sheets? Geez, are you missing out!

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A few weeks ago I had told you about T Sheets Time Tracking and some of the great features it has.

Since that time, I had decided to really put my money where my mouth was..

If I am going to recommend a piece of software, I really want to be able to recommend it, not just pay lip service. So I have been using it for my own time tracking since we started with them.

I cannot stress enough how awesome this program is!

There has been many a day where I forgot to clock out at the end of the day. So there I am watching TV, and it dawns on me that I am still clocked in, 3 hours after my shift ended.

I open the app on my phone, clock out. Then I open that time sheet and edit the ending time on my shift to the correct time.

Now, not only is my time correct, but there is a record that I had edited that time, and I can put notes on it to explain why.

Don’t want to let the employees edit the time? Not a problem. That is a preference you can set.

Concerned with Overtime? (I am assuming many people soon will be)  There is an add-on for Overtime Alerts that will notify you of employees on the clock beyond their appointed hours.

I would recommend that you consider using T Sheets, no matter your company size. There are great features that can suit a large variety of businesses, and the tracking is amazing.

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