Adding Items to QuickBooks point of Sale Online Powered by Revel.

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With the addition of the QuickBooks point of Sale Online Powered by Revel to the product line, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

This is not a product that was programmed by Intuit. There are going to be differences in the terminology, and the processes that are used to get it operational, and to use it.

One thing that is not readily obvious, how to add an item.

Items can be imported into the software. But that is actually a process that needs to be covered in another session.

Here, we will tell you how to add an item rapidly.


First, from the Overview screen on the Administration page, you will need to select Products.


Next, go down to your Categories and select the plus sign.

If there are Sub Categories, you will need to select the plus sign again.

This will then list the products, and there is an Add a Product button.


This will  allow you to put in very basic product information.


You can also select the Quick Product button to open a screen with more information available to add.




To really set the item up, you can select the Advanced Product Details on the left to open even more info for the item.


As I said, very different from the usual Intuit products.