What are some of the changes in the new QuickBooks Point of Sale V12 (2015)?

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Intuit released the QuickBooks Point of Sale version 12 (2015) desktop software late last year.

Some of the changes that are of note include:

Multi-Tasking- In the past, if you were in the middle of receiving inventory, or went to look up an item, whatever transaction you had open had to be held. Once you competed, you had to go back to the transaction and unhold it to continue. Or in some cases, looking up an item would cause the receipt to be auto-held, or moved to an in-progress status.

With the version 12, there is a new Windows tab, where you can drop down and see all of the currently open transactions. No need to unhold the voucher, it is still open.


Confusion on which item you are editing on a receipt? Now the selected item highlights in a contrasting color, so you can tell at a glance which one is selected.


Sort on Receipts-

Have you ever wanted to sort the items on a Receipt or Voucher by one of the columns?  Now you can.


Item History-

Now you can access the entire item history from the item, or even the Customer screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts-

Many of our customers that had become used to using keyboard shortcuts in earlier versions. Many of those have been brought back.

One thing we noted through testing was that the software loads much faster than either Version 10 or 11(2013). Overall, I have been pleased with the stability of the version 12, and hope that more capabilities will be added in the future.