QuickBooks Point of Sale Online Powered by Revel.

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Intuit has long been looking to add to it’s Point of Sale capability. They wanted a system that would enable iPad usage, cloud based storage, and a connection with the QuickBooks Online accounting.

They recently partnered with RevelPOS. Revel has been on the market for several years offering a cloud based system that would ring sales through an iPad, work when internet connectivity failed.

Now, with the partnering, Intuit offers an alternative to the desktop QuickBooks Point of Sale, and is beginning to fill the gaps in business areas where the desktop version just did not fit well.

Revel pioneered a hybrid technology that allows it to operate, even when the connection to the internet has been lost.

Their hardware and software package comes configured to connect and operate together out of the box.


The Revel system is based on two components. An Administrator back end that is accessed through a web browser ( Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are recommended as the Admin access does not work well with Internet Explorer),


and a register interface that is accessed through the iPad.


Changes made on the administrator side are pushed to the iPad side, in some cases requiring you to close and reopen the iPad application, but they are by their very nature extremely fast. There is a capability to handle multiple locations, to set a variety of Basic and advanced settings, and to perform some functions the Desktop Version does not have the capability to do, as an example, commission rates are set on the item, not the employee. The rewards program is a point based system, where you can set the points generated by a purchase, and the points needed to redeem for a particular item.

One are that Revel does encompass is the Quick Serve café. It can take into account the ingredients that make up a dish, and can send the receipt to both the Receipt Printer and a kitchen printer. There is even a customer facing display that is built around an iPad mini, so that your menu’s or your chosen content can be shown to the customer at the register.

This is a different POS than we are used to, and while Intuit is starting with a Retail and Quick Serve versions, Revel has other versions that may be brought into the family as time progresses.

We will add more content as time goes on. And while this is not a cheap system, it appears to be a capable one.