Windows update effecting QuickBooks Point of Sale connections!

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Recently, Microsoft released a series of updates to improve security on the Windows operating systems. After the updates have installed, we have seen a trend of systems where the client registers are unable to connect to the data. They will reach the point of “Checking License” then fail with the message “ QB POS has encountered an error and needs to close”.

Editing the Windows Firewall to add the program exceptions, and manually inserting the ports into the firewall rules has no effect.

In Windows 7 and 8, it is possible to turn off the Windows Firewall for Home and Private networks, but leave the firewall on for Public Networks, and regain the connection to the data.

On older versions of Windows, turning the Windows Firewall off seems to be the only recourse at this time.

Researching the issue has revealed that the Windows Firewall logs are not indicating what they are blocking in this instance, so determining what is actually being blocked has proven fruitless.

We will continue to research the issue to see if there is a way to locate the blocked files and re-enable the Windows Firewall.