Printed transactions appear to not match on screen order in QuickBooks Enterprise 15

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Why this is happening

You may observe this behavior once a transaction containing items is sorted by the item column. This occurs because the sort applies only to the onscreen information. The sort is done by names as they appear on screen. QuickBooks does not print the parent name of a sub item. See the example where the first Item is Father and the second Item is Father:A Kid. The printed version will drop the “Father:” from the Item name.



  1. From the top menu click Lists, and select Item List.
  2. Set up a custom field for an item:
    1. Double-click any item to open the Edit Item window.
    2. Click Custom Fields button and then click Define Fields to open the Set up Custom Fields for Items window.
    3. Enter the name that you want to use (for example ItemSort) in the Label field and press OK.
  3. Add the item custom field as a column to a Template:
    1. From the Lists menu, select Templates.
    2. Double-click the desired template to open the Basic Customization window.
    3. Click the Additional Customization button at the bottom of the window.
    4. Select the Columns tab
    5. Locate the row for the Custom Field you created in Step 2.
    6. Check the box on the screen column to display the field in the transaction window. If you would like the Custom Field to be included on the printed form, also check the print box.
    7. Click OK.
  4. Manually set the order desired on the transaction by using the custom field column to assign a number to each row and resorting by that column.

 This information was obtained from Intuit’s support site.