Error (-1, 0) when upgrading company file to QuickBooks 2015 or QuickBooks Enterprise 15.

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When upgrading a company file to QuickBooks 2015 or Enterprise Solutions 15.0, some people are encountering an error.


This issue can occur if an attempt was first made to open the file in QuickBooks 2015 with a user other than the Admin user.

Detailed Instructions

This issue has been resolved in an update for QuickBooks;

  1. In QuickBooks, click the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
  2. Click the Update Now button, and then click Get Updates.
  3. When the update completes, restart QuickBooks and open your company file.

If installing the update does not resolve the issue, please continue with the following solutions.

Use the QuickBooks File Doctor to repair your file

After repairing your file, try opening your company file again.

Restore backup in your previous version of QuickBooks:

  1. Open the previous version of QuickBooks that you are upgrading from. (QuickBooks 2014 or older)
  2. In the older QuickBooks version, restore the backup file that was created during the upgrade process.
  3. Close the older QuickBooks version and open QuickBooks 2015. If you are prompted to log in, click the Cancel button to return to the No Company Open window.
  4. Click Open or restore an existing company file.
  5. Select Open a company file and click Next.
  6. Select the company file that was created when you restored the backup in the previous version.
  7. Enter the Admin login and password and click OK.
  8. QuickBooks will create another backup and upgrade the file successfully.

 This information was gained from the Intuit Support site. As always, we strongly advocate you make frequent backups of your data, and make sure your program is on the latest release.