QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and the Insights page.

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One of the new features of the QuickBooks Enterprise 15 version is the insights page.


On the Home page, you will now notice an additional tab.


Selecting this will open the Insights page with a default set of 3 graphs, Selecting the Gear/settings icon on the right will allow you to default it to 4 graphs.

They are:

Insights Profit and Loss, Previous Year Income Comparison, Top Sales by Customer, and the fourth graph you can add is Income and Expense Trends.





On any of the graphs, your mouse pointer will turn to a hand with a pointing finger, indicating selecting that graph will bring a detail report.

Insights seems to be a cleaned up Company Snapshot screen.

Below these are income and expense graph with links to create invoices and enter bills.


How useful this is will depend greatly on the person viewing it. I will let you make your own judgment on this.