QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and Advanced Reporting.

One of the benefits of the QuickBooks Enterprise 15 Full Service Plan, is the Advanced Reporting module.

To access this in QuickBooks Enterprise 15, you would go to Reports on the top menu, then Advanced Reporting.

You may get greeted by a message advising you that Multi-user mode is required.


Once you have switched to Multi-user mode, and again selected Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise 15, you will then receive a message that it will need to install ( yes, it is a separate module).

Installation will continue in the background, but once completed the module will be available.

While it does allow you to access data, getting information from QuickBooks Enterprise 15 in a way the program has not allowed in the past, there are a couple of things to realize.

Data does not auto-refresh in this module. If you are running a report, and someone else is working on the data, it will not see the change and refresh as other reports in QuickBooks Enterprise 15 will.

And since it is in fact a separate module, refreshing the data can take quite a long time depending on data file size and computer capabilities.

Will this module in QuickBooks Enterprise 15 replace other methods, like ODBC drivers and other reporting software? That is a question that only you can answer.

The other consideration with this module is that it is tied to the Annual Full Service Plan. If you do not renew the plan, the module will not work.