Qb POS V 10, update R-17 is now available.

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 Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, and the QuickBooks Point of Sale programs have released a new patch for the QuickBooks Point of Sale version 10 software.

 The new patch is designed to help with feature and stability issues that had been reported in the past.

 Here is a breif summary of the issues and areas addressed with this patch:

General Functionality

  • A new company file can now have a period at the end of the name
  • When opening Point of Sale error message Value cannot be null. Parameter:s will no longer occur
  • Usage and Analytics Study added
  • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer return an error when adding multiple items to a receipt using IPOSDocumentItems.AddItems in the add on interface.
  • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries
  • Client can now be updated automatically if client is trying to connect to a server of higher release.


  • Barcodes that are shorter than thirteen digits will now be searched when scanned.
  • Receipt number is now visible in item history
  • Correct item will now display and print when printing tags from the Item List
  • When selecting Item Detail in Item List it will appear without additional delay


  • Cursor will now default to the swipe field when taking a debit card as form of payment


  • When viewing Customer Statistics from a receipt the information will now show correctly
  • Will no longer give an error when adding a customer with multiple email addresses to a sales receipt
  • Receipt number is now visible in customer history

Financial Exchange

  • The full item description from the Point of Sale receipt will now be sent to QuickBooks in the financial exchange
  • A sales receipt with returned group items will no longer cause an error during financial exchange

MultiStore Functionality

  • Remote Store will now prompt when scanning an unrecognized item.


  • Employee security group can no longer make changes to store account settings